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Compositions 1 BATXILLERAT

What do Alexander Fleming and Els Manel have in common? Mariona and Ana will answer this question for you.
Click on students' best writings.

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Cauliflower Cheese

Today's recipe is Cauliflower with an excellent cheese sauce!
 Ingredients: * 1 medium cauliflower (approx 1lb/450g) * 2 oz/ 55g butter * 2 oz/ 55g all purpose/plain flour * 1 level tsp mustard powder (optional) * Large pinch salt * 1 pint / 460 ml milk * 2 oz/ 50g cheddar cheese or similar, grated plus extra for sprinkling on top * Freshly ground pepper
 * Heat the oven to 200ºC
* Remove the green outer leaves from the cauliflower, ..... to read more click on cookery corner

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The Singer

Surely that you're wondering: "What's "the singer"?
Well, it's a music programme made by Pablo Marqués, Andreu Tarrés and Aleix Castellví where we talk about songs, we watch videoclips and we also watch and listen to different songs or videoclips by the xix'arel·los.

In our first programme we will listen to the new videoclip of the xix'arel·los, but only with 2 of their members (Andreu and Pablo), and we will see our guest: ..., well, come and watch  the programme!

Link of our 1st programme:

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Sitges with the French students

On April the 18th, the French students with their French pen friends went to Sitges, in Tarragona. There, the sports teachers organised a volleyball and football championship on the beach. We had a very good time! After that, we all had lunch and we did a hinting game around the town. We were divided in several groups, and we had an awesome time! The purpose of the game was to know the city better.

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Interview with xix'arel·los

Why did you choose this name?
Because in one rehearsal Pablo said this name, in a joke, but it was the final name of the group.
How  did you choose the singer?
We choose Pablo because he knows the songs.
What do you think of the future of this group?

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Closing Ceremony of Angeleta's 25th Anniversary

On 27th April the closing ceremony of the 25th Anniversary of Ins Angeleta Ferrer took place in the school gym. Teachers, students, and members of the Catalan Government and Sant Cugat City Hall (Education representatives) witnessed and applauded different speeches and, the best of all, excellent musical performances played by some students in 3rd and 4th year ESO, as well as a former student who showed us her great talent as a soprano singer. After the official event, the kitchen staff served delicious appetizers. Everybody agreed to meet in 25 years' time.

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Minecraft is an adventure game. There are 3 differents types of games:
Survival-Extreme survival-Creative
Minecraft is a cube game, evrything has a cube shape.
- Survival: In this type you are a man and you have to look for food, primary materials and dig to find minerals.
In this type you can die falling down or by a zombie attack but when you are dead you come to live at the checkpoint.
- Extreme survival: In this type you have to do the same as in the survival but when you die the game finishes.
- Creative: In this type you are like a god. You are unbeatable and immortal.
You have all the materials, objects and tools. You can destroy all the types of cubes.
Sergi: This game is fantastic because you are free to create anything and the primary instint of survival is released.
Guillem: Minecraft is a creative game to spend your time and to forget about your studies.

look at this city of minecraft constucted in 3 days and with 60 persons!!!

Sergi Baldi and Guillem Mallada

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Modern Warfare 3

We both agree that Modern Warfare 3 is a shooting game. You are a soldier  and you have to kill the enemy. There are different battles, maps and guns.
You can costumise your guns. You can do different types of things. You can do special operations or just survive, multiplayer games and role-play a story.
In multiplayer game there are so many types of battles:
-team for duel -kill confirmed -mercenary -demolition -domain -sabotage -quarters pro -take the flag -infected -launch area -againt all
There are sixteen multiplayer maps:
-downturn -interchange -fallen -underground -dome -bakaara -resistance -lockdown -carbon -mission -village -seatown -arkaden -bootleg -hardhat -outpost
There are many types of weapons:
·Primary weapons: -assault rifles -precision rifles -shotguns -machine guns -submachine -riot shield
·Secundary weapons: -submachine guns -handguns -rocket launcher


·Sergi: It is a very good game. It is a very entretaining, don't know why like it but it is the best right now. At our age we like this game.

·Guillem: This game is a good experience and enjoyaste to spend your free time. It is a very popular game around the world.

Sergi Baldi and Guillem Mallada

dissabte, 21 d’abril de 2012

French Exchange 2012

From the 21st to te 30th March, some of the French students of INS Angeleta Ferrer travelled to Lille, in northern France, to do an exchange with some French students who study Spanish in Collège Molière. Once we were there, we did several very exciting activities, like canoeing in the British Channel, sightseeing in Bruges,Belgium, and a visit to their school to experience their daily lives. It was a very good experience because, a part from learning a lot of French, we could learn much more about the French habits: meal times, mentality... This trip has changed our lives!

dijous, 19 d’abril de 2012

Oscars 2012

"The artist” was the absolute winner of the 84th edition of Oscars. This film won five Oscars, three of them the best director, the best actor protagonist and the best film. On the other hand, “Hugo” won five Oscars too, but it wasn´t as important. The Oscar for the best actress went to Meryl Streep, for her interpretation of “Iron Woman”. The commemorative Oscar went to Christopher Plummer, for his work in cinema.

Representing Spanish film was “Chico&Rita”, but, the only winners were American films, like “Rango”.
In short, all the films were very good.

Pablo Marqués Mestres


new CD "Els amics de les arts"

New CD’s 2012
-ESPÈCIES PER CATALOGAR (els amics de les arts)
REVIEW: This CD has been made by a Catalan group “els amics de les arts”. This group had made another CD called “Bed & Breakfast”. The band is formed by: one pianist (Dani Alegret), a bass and electric guitar player (Ferran Piqué) a guitar player (Joan Enric Bareló) and with the melodic and computer sounds we have (Eduard Costa). This time the band had the great collaboration of a very good violin quartet, a very great bass player, and a very rhythmical drummer. The first CD was dedicated to Jean-luc, a very well-known  filmmaker, and this (the second) is dedicated to Jacques Cousteau, an oceanologist.
I think that this is a very good CD but there are songs that are a little bit repetitive and boring, for me it is better the first CD “Bed & Breakfast” because it’s the new surprise of a “new group”. But also I recommend hearing it.

 Andreu 3rA

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On 1st Februanry we went to Caixa Forum in Barcelona near Montjuic. We went there to do some activities related to the Catalan language. We did some publicity  activities, and wrote really short stories. In the publicity acitivities we created some slogans. In the short stories, the monitors that did the activities gave us an exemple about how we had to do it, and then we did our own version.

Marta: "I did the short story activity. It was very interesting but a little boring"

Aaron: "I did the publicity activity. I learnt a lot and it was fun"

Albert: "I did the same as Aaron. It was enjoyable but a bit boring because we could not do everyting that we wanted to do"

Aaron (3B), Albert(3D) and Marta (3C) 
Before going to France for a school exchange, let's get to know some more about...

Lille is a city in northern France. It is the capital of the Nord-Pas de Calais region and the prefecture of the Nord department. It is located near the Belgian borders. The population of Lille is about 225.789 inhabitants. The town where we will be is Villeneuve d'Ascq.

Interview to Clèlia Lespagnol (correspondent of Êllâ)
Do you like Lille?
-          Yes, it is a beautiful city with many people.
Do you like the cold weather in Lille?
-          No, I prefer the sun.
Do you like living in Lille?
-          Yes, because I like big cities.
Are there any large markets in Lille?
-          Yeah, in September there is a big market.

  Êllâ and Aina (3C)